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Cafe Europe is an Erasmus+ Youth Project that aims to build a strong and fertile social business growing ground for migrant and native youth. The aim is to provide social inclusion so that refugees and migrants can build a stable network, work on their personal skills and business, and ultimately enter the market with a business. And this through the set up and operation of Cafe Europe. Cafe Europe meeting places are initially set up in the Netherlands, Greece, and the Czech Republic. In the future, Cafe Europe wants to provide young people with a meeting place in every European Member State.

What is Cafe Europe?

Cafe Europe serves as a home base for every young person who wants to grow in social entrepreneurship and serves as a growth place for migrants and disadvantaged young people.

The meeting place stands for social inclusion, helps migrants and indigenous youth to build a stable network for themselves and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The young people who participate in a Cafe Europe develop their social skills, learn the culture and language of the host country, expand their network and gain work experience. For example, the meeting place can also offer space to sell second-hand clothing or local art, and therefore allows the youth to build their own portfolio and resume to increase the chances of employment in the future. The Café focuses on what the youngsters CAN do instead of what they lack or cannot (yet) do.

Who can join Cafe Europe?

  • Migrants and native youth who would like to expand their network and achieve personal goals.

  • Youth workers / volunteers involved in the integration of youth migrants and interested in supporting newcomers in a Cafe Europe.

  • Anyone interested in designing and setting up a Cafe Europe in their community / city / country.

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